Our Affiliate Partners

A product that has everything to let you a build business at practically no cost, our booking engine is self sufficient enough to work on its own leaving you with almost nothing to do but make use of its thriving outcome; while it connects wide market of customers, travel retailers, agents to car rental brands across the globe, letting you enjoy best B2B2C solutions.


Today car rental is by far one of the largest and most growing sectors with hundreds and thousands of people traveling everyday from one corner of the world to another, while being dependent on ground transportation means like a rental car.

This is where we come.

We have crafted a software that can serve wide range of business platforms ranging from new affiliate partners, already established car rental agents, Airlines, Hotels and other Travel agents. As our partners, these industries enjoy access to best revenue commissions while being introduced to a whole new world of customers across the globe.


Our top-notch booking technology is not only easy, friendly and compatible with every platform from desktop to mobile, but also has a power to gather over 500 leading rental companies with best of their services for hundreds of countries at one single site. Our partners enjoy:

  • Risk free partnership
  • High revenue sharing system
  • Zero capital investment
  • Exposure to giant brands
  • 24/7 support for customers
  • Personalized program support
  • Market based tailored technology


Our unique booking engine is perfect for Airline sites looking forward to serve their customers with ground transportation options like a rental car.


Airline industry is without a doubt one of the most busiest one with huge number of passengers arriving and departing every single day. Most of these passengers often find themselves standing in a queue at rental desks, located at airport terminals, to get a car. Why not give your passengers an option to book their rental while they book their flight tickets?


With an easy to integrate form & wide variety of booking filters to guide a customer to right vehicle, all you need is a car rental booking page. Multi-lingual interface of our booking engine is perfect for global customers looking for a local language set-up.


While you earn additional commission with our successful technology, with power to pull traffic, your passengers enjoy a convenience of booking their ground transportation right at your website.


With a technology that connects Hotel industry to worldwide travelers, our booking form is nothing but an asset to add volume to your business. Partnered with over 500 rental brands across the globe, we give you a platform to connect to wider and broader market of prospective customers.


You need no software set up or license and a 24/7 support back up means all customer queries being handled by us. There is nothing better than a large in-flow of new customers while providing additional advantages to the existing customers.

Car Rental Agents

With access to a technology that can be easily embedded, is compatible and is 100% self sufficient, our booking interface allows partners to effortlessly enjoy easy commission by using a service that brings international & domestic car rental brands to their website. All you need a design with header and footer to embed our booking engine and you are ready to make huge revenues.


Our existing car rental affiliate partners now enjoy a bigger and better system with more features, better customization and flawless functioning with super fast loading, more search filter and much more.


Car rental agents with an already set up rental business get to shift to a more profitable & growing platform with our partnership program. Get a simple and easy to integrate AJAX White Label booking engine engineered to meet tailored requirements of different business set up. Better margins, huge revenue, large volume of customers, repeat bookings as well as a fully customize and responsive booking form are few of the many reasons to sign up with Supply Cars.

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